10 August, 2016


During the veraison stage the colors of the grape take form-red/black or yellow/green depending on the grape varieties. This color changing is due to the chlorophyll in the berry skin being replaced by anthocyanins (red wine grapes) and carotenoids (white wine grapes). In a process known as engustment, the berries […]
7 July, 2016

THE VINE’S GROWTH CYCLE III – Flowering and Fruit Set

Flowering Depending on temperatures, 40–80 days after bud break the process of flowering begins with small flower clusters appearing on the tips of the young shoots looking like buttons. Flowering occurs around may when average daily temperatures stay between 15–20 °C (59–68 °F). A few weeks after the initial clusters appear, the flowers […]
7 July, 2016

A Commended award for Vallmajor 2015 at the IWC 2016

Vallmajor 2015 has been awarded a commended adward at the International Wine Challenger – IWC. The most comprehensive and influential blind wine tasting competition in the world, celebrated annually in London. In the same Challenge our wine L’Aube 2010 has been awarded a Bronze medal. We feel really proud abut the importance […]
2 June, 2016

Naturlis Mer to score a hat trick in the Golden Leaf Awards.

We keep harvesting successes New awards (two gold and a bronze) for our organic wines in the Golden Leaf – Awards (Vinum Nature). The best spanish organic wines of higher quality are rewarded in this competition. In this edition 340 wines from 100 wineries with different DO’s were presented. The Golden Leaf […]
30 April, 2016


Bud Break The grape starts its annual growth cycle in the spring with bud break. In the Northern Hemisphere, this stage begins around March while in the Southern Hemisphere it begins around September when daily temperatures begin to surpass 10 °C (50 °F). Flower Cluster Initiation As the vine grows, […]
28 April, 2016

Ecovino Gold award for Naturalis Mer Crianza

A few days ago we reported that Naturalis Mer – Criança (Naturalis Mer – organic oak red wine), the Top of our organic wines, had received a Silver medal at Ecoracimo 2016 awards. Today we can add that Naturalis Mer Criança  has been awarded with a Gold medal at the prestigious International wine Competition Ecovino […]
28 April, 2016

Great success of Naturalis Mer in EcoRacimo Awards

Whereas the encouragement of the quality of organic wines is important and that is of great interest to reward them in order to promote its image and contribute to a successful marketing thereof, the Delegation of Cordova, the City of Montilla and Ecovalia, organized XVII International Organic Wine Competition; EcoRacimo 2016, […]
8 April, 2016

Primicia Barrel fermented renews its image

Primicia white Grenache barrel fermented from Celler Batea has undertaken an image change. The bottle now becomes Burgundy, transmitting the elegance of the White Grenache that contains inside, which has been carefully fermented in barrels of 500 liters of acacia wood. The label also takes a a great role, because the release date […]
24 March, 2016


From about February, vines are again in sap, the vine draws water with enormous force from as far as 30m below. This water presses against the freshly cut surfaces which haven’t callused yet, and oozes from there. This “bleeding” may last up to 2 weeks, and occasionally it develops into […]