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  • Indian Summer for L´Aube

    These days we are enjoying sunnier weather than is usual for this time of year, but this Fall/Autumn is even more pleasant for our high-end wine L´Aube 2010, bringing good news to us.

    At the end of September we knew that L´Aube had been awarded the Silver Medal in the Age-Worthy Wines Category by the Vinari Wine Competition jury. This yearly event is entirely focused on rating and recognising the best Catalan wines. More than 200 wineries from the 12 Catalan Appellations of Origin took part in this event 2015 with their wines being tasted by a 70 member jury made up of enologists, wine experts and wine shop owners.Cartell-2015-festadelvi

    vinari2015But that wasn´t all because at the beginning of November during the Gandesa Wine Festival, the most important wine event of Terra Alta Appellation of Origin where the vast majority of wineries take their wines to be scored, L´Aube was recognised as the best red wine. We are, of course, really proud and glad that L´Aube 2010 was liked so much, encouraging us to keep on working hard on this distinctive wine concept based on Bordeaux style blending Merlot, Red Garnacha and Cabernet Sauvignon.

    Don´t wait too long to taste it because there aren´t many bottles left. Cheers!


    Armando Navascués
    Export Celler Batea Winery