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  • DO Terra Alta begins the international Grenaches du Monde competition 2018

    Terra Alta will be official seat of the International Grenaches du monde competition 2018.


    A unique event of of international scope, the 6th Grenaches du Monde competition will take place on April 11, 2017 in Gandesa, Spain


    The competition brings people together and allows ideas to be  shared whilst also showcasing the comprehensive range of wines made from the varietal. Seven countries took part in 2013 – Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy and the Republic of Macedonia – with a total 364 entries.

    Open to all types of wine (still, fortified, sparkling, liqueur, vin doux naturel …), the Grenaches of the World international competition brings together a unique panel, to discover and select the best wines of the grenache grape variety from around the world.