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  • Primicia Chardonay

    Our Primicia label holds particularly pleasant memories for us: it was the name given to the very first wine we ever bottled.

    For more than a decade we have given a small home in our vineyards to Chardonnay, the internationally best known white grape variety. As these vines have adapted well to our region, we decided to vinify them on their own.

    Chardonnay is a versatile grape which responds well to different styles of vinification. In our case we have gone for a more exuberant profile: a full-flavoured tropical fruitiness, honeyed and sweet. Primicia Chardonnay offers harmony of taste and aroma; it is smooth on the palate with a long finish. To be enjoyed as an aperitif and with all types of entrées.

    The grapes are carefully selected at the winery and, after destemming and crushing, undergo skin maceration for a few hours in stainless steel tanks. This is followed by alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature and, until bottling, the wine is on fine lees.

    Grand Diamond. International Competition: Wine and Women Awards 2013

    Gold Medal. Wines and Cavas of Catalonia Competition, GIROVI 2011


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