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  • Equinox Sweet Red Wine

    The Autumn Equinox, towards the end of September, is one time of the year when day and night are of equal length. It anticipates the coming of winter.

    Equinox is our way of continuing the tradition in this region of making naturally sweet wines with both red and white Garnacha grapes.

    A dessert wine - aromatic, full-bodied, powerful, lingering on the palate. It comes into its own at the end of any meal and is perfectly suited to after-dinner relaxation.

    The grapes, left on the vine to overripen, then crushed and destemmed, spend one month macerating at low temperature in wine alcohol containing approximately 150gms. of residual sugar per litre. This develops a powerful fruitiness, which is enhanced by a further three months maturing in casks

    90 points. Peñín Wine Guide 2017

    Silver Bacchus. Bacchus International Wine Competition 2015

    Golden Bacchus. Bacchus International Wine Competition 2013


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