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    Orthography defines the use of new paragraph as the way to establish the end of a paragraph giving way to a new one where a different idea is developed but within the same logic in relation to the main thread of the text.
    The first impression given to the use of a punctuation mark as title of the blog´s opening article from the new Celler Batea website it could seem quite unusual, but it is equally true that our vital project after more than 50 years of history has gone by different phases and we are just now writting the first sentences of another chapter.
    This new stage of Celler Batea has begun updating our website showing who we are and what we do. Our corporate image has been fully revamped standing out the logo which displays the colours of our vineyard reflecting the dualism of a land leaded by Garnacha, red and white.
    The process of internal analysis has taken long establishing the core of our identity which essentially is, Celler Bateas´wines are as a result of the hard work and commitment of a great family with a long wine tradition.
    And this is what we have wanted to convey by the new website and a video made during the photo sesión day starring Celler Bateas´ people and with another people contributing more anonymously made it possible.
    We simply want to say, thank you very much to everybody, and specially to:
    Miquel, Ramon and Miquel Joan, Celler Bateas´stakeholders.
    Eva, Lourdes, Jaume, Marian and Miguela (an incredible amateur photographer), Celler Bateas´ workers.
    Alba, Gabriele, Maria, Sonia, Anna and Juan Enrique, our striking models for a day and all of them are residents of Batea town.
    Judith and Eric, the kids.
    Juan, L´Anton Inn owner where a part of the photo session was made it.

    Armando Navascues
    Celler Batea Exportación