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  • Naturlis Mer to score a hat trick in the Golden Leaf Awards.

    We keep harvesting successes

    New awards (two gold and a bronze) for our organic wines in the Golden Leaf – Awards (Vinum Nature).

    The best spanish organic wines of higher quality are rewarded in this competition. In this edition 340 wines from 100 wineries with different DO’s were presented.


    vinun Nature 2016


    The Golden Leaf awards

    The Golden Leaf Awards (Vinum Nature) appeared in 2013 in order to value and communicate the high quality of organic wines.

    This awards, originally called “Golden Leaf”, currently are hosting the largest sample of this type of wine in our country.

    They are promoted by the Editorial Ecomundis, and in collaboration with 25 sommeliers and wine experts.

    The Vinum Nature guide has been cataloged by blind tasting by following the regulations of the International Wine Organization.

    There are more than 1,200 organic wines from 400 wineries.



    Guide VN – 2015· Organical Wines

    As ” a guide which sifts out the true meaning of the nature of a wine, and a completely new compendium of over 600 wines and cavas produced by bodegas in our country”, the Vinum Nature Guide (VN 2015) is the only reference work on organic and biodynamic wine culture in Spain.

    The author sets out the virtues of organic vitiviniculture, the health benefits of drinking wines produced in this way and offers the first analysis the present day market, including a complete catalogue of the quality-price relationship and the main characteristics of each wine. The guide addresses the specialist forums and prizes associated with the sector, plus other information never before discussed in a single publication in the genre of organic products.





    Patricia Arranz Moro

    Winemaker and Community Manager