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    Cultivating the earth

    Cultivating the earth is one of the most important activities supporting the development of humanity. Vinegrowing is probably one of the most demanding and it certainly best epitomizes the complex relationship between farmers and their environment. Throughout the year the winegrower must pay close attention to the vagaries of nature, for these will be reflected in the grapes themselves, giving a distinctive character to the vintage of the future wines.

    Through the eyes of the vinegrower the year passes by in a succession of terraces and fields – and vivid changing colours: from the greenish-white of olive blossom to the delicate pink of the flowering almond trees, and culminating in those colours signalling the end of summer: the yellowish-green and dark red of the bunches of white and red Garnacha grapes.

    These are the surroundings in which we create Celler Batea wines. They express the history of our land and the wisdom of its people – wisdom acquired with the passage of time and a determination, year after year, to work the vineyards, but always with our eyes looking to the sky.