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    The clear blue Mediterranean sky has borne witness over the centuries to the importance of the culture of wine in the lives of the people in the town of Batea.

    History reveals that the beginning of our relationship with wine came from the Phoenicians, who established trading routes with different points of the Iberian peninsula. And it was via the mouth of the Ebro river where it flows into the Mediterranean that Batea, as it is known now and only 50 kms away, was first brought into contact with wine in the 7th century BC.

    The wine carried by the Phoenicians was used for trading and at first the local people kept it exclusively for ceremonial rituals. Later, wine production was started in this area and with the passage of time wine became a key component of what is now recognised as the “Mediterranean diet”.

    It was at the end of the 1950s when a group of Batea winegrowers, well aware of the social and economic importance of vine cultivation, decided to take an important step forward: they brought together both their willpower and their resources to create the Celler Batea winery.

    The early stages of a start-up are usually difficult and ours was no exception, especially as the 1950s were precarious times in Spain. The founders of Celler Batea, 101 winegrowers who embraced the principle of making more with less, built the original facilities while at the same time they continued to tend their vineyards. The culmination of their efforts came in 1961 with the production of the first ever vintage – a significant initial step on the long path which has been well trodden until today.